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  1. BWJ

    Moisture / water in tail lights (LED) 2020 CX-5

    What do you guys think about this water, in a 8 month old car? LED light.
  2. BWJ

    HUD warning

    Do you get warnings in HUD for speed cams?
  3. BWJ

    CX5 2020 beeper

    Does anyone know where parktronic beeper sits in the back?
  4. BWJ

    2017~2021 Reverse beep hardly audible

    Have others had the same experience, the reverse alarm (beep beep beep) which has otherwise been quite powerful, is hardly audible anymore, which is only at reverse gear, at forward it is obviously another buzzer. CX 5 2020.
  5. BWJ

    2017~2021 HMI Question

    Maybe a silly question, but does anyone know which functions in the car are controlled by HMI, and where it appears which components are affected by an update, ex. the latest 70.00.367A?