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    My CX-9 Could not handle snow

    Kinda hard to take in that even with winter tires you couldn't make it. As mentioned already, diff oil temp probably got too hot. Change it out when you can.
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    Short ram intake whistle

    The sound is more prominent with aftermarket intake and a lot of people actually like the sound (including myself). The sound you hear is from the wastegate or blow off valve to bleed some of the positive pressure off.
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    Clear Coat Peeling. So Pissed.

    Definitely not normal wear n tear. Either something acidic landed on the panels or they were damaged and repainted. Did you purchase the car new?
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    Never again will I do this...

    You're fine. You get a free pass on the first time, second time you'll get a verbal warning from mazda customer service. Lol jk I've topped off multiple times too without any ill effects.
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    What’s your MPG with aftermarket wheels?

    Tire width and the tire compound are very important factors. If you get the eco low rolling resistant tires, you can squeeze a little bit more.
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    Repositioning Front License Plate

    Great design but so expensive! 😱
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    2016 CX-9 Signature leaking coolant

    Unsure if I would be happy or sad if I were you. What's the point of the warranty if they are not covering anything?? But great to hear mazda and dealership stepped up!!
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    Fog light install 2016 CX-9 Touring

    Lol my eyes went straight to the large fog light thinking there's a new design. I have so happy but then I realized 1st gen...
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    First CX-5 oil drain

    Hot or cold? 🤣
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    Repositioning Front License Plate

    I got This for my cx-9. No drilling required as it'll screw into the tow hook hole.
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    2013~2016 Stiffening CX-5 Rear Suspension. Ideas?

    Also keep in mind the weight ratings on 3-46 in the owner's manual. Boat + trailer + 4 people + gears would easily max out.
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    Maintenance schedule question

    Don't be too fixated on the numbers. If they are dirty, change it out.
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    Thule Motion XT L

    Pics or it didn't happen! 🙂
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    Leaking (2018 CX-5 Touring)

    I noticed it says california on the service order. You want to give a shout out to the dealership?
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    Leaking (2018 CX-5 Touring)

    Sounds too good to be true as nothing is ever free. Did you spend a lot during your Jan service? Lol Also.. Did the service order actually stated N/C?
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    Bought 2016 CX-9 with new Engine from a Mazda dealer, now having problems (Need Advice)

    Couple members got their engines replaced due to coolant leak.
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    2019 GTR 2.5T Oil Dilution

    Description says suitable for automotive diesel engines. I say don't give Mazda any excuse to weasel out should you need to escalate the issue.
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    2019 CX-5 AWD Jacking Points?

    PSA: don't use hockey puck or something similar would happen. Watched the original video. Owner explained jack didn't fail but the puck slipped.
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    2019 GTR 2.5T Oil Dilution

    At this rate, continue to send in your oil sample every so often to document and monitor the dilution situation.
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    2.5L Turbo Oil Filter...Anyone know where to get Japanese or Thai OEM?

    I believe Thai is the official superseded part for Japan.