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    Wiper Blades

    I purchased PIAA super Silicone Wiper Blades last year. Made in Japan. High quality. I FINALLY got to test it yesterday during rain. Wow. No streaking, perfect fitment, and I believe you can buy replacement silicone inserts as well.
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    Recommendation for car ramps?

    Good point. Primarily for the Mazda6......My car jack cannot reach the central front jack point. It barely reaches the rear one as well. The Mazda6 is also too low for my ramps. Its gonna be an issue when I lower it on my H&R's I've picked up. My solution for oil changes/brakes, ect. is to jack...
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    Recommendation for car ramps?

    Have both ramps and jack/stands. That said I recommend this little guy Magnetic Jack Pad Jacking Puck Pinch Weld Frame Rail Adapter.
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    Non-slip tape as sill protectors?

    Red and black sill protectors? How about this Red and Black Skyactiv Door Sill Protector?
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    2021 Signature Lights

    I the CX-5 I've got cool 5500 ish temperature LEDs. Now in the Mazda6............well I've got stealth mode Red LEDs :). At night in a dark parking lot with red interior LEDs on plus 35% tint you won't notice me in the car. Yet inside I have got enough light to read paperwork and see my rear...
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    2017 CX5 - Coolant Leak?

    Keep a close eye on it. What you describe is consistent with green coolant coming from the bleeding hole just behind the water pump pulley. The TSB indicates if no accumulation of crystallized coolant residue then you are fine but if there is accumulation of crystallized coolant to replace water...
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    Brake Fluid Level

    Yeah don't put DOT 5. Stick to DOT 3 or 4 but not 5 as it's not compatible.
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    2021 Signature Lights

    2013 CX-5 is not lit but I checked and forgot 2016 Mazda6 touring is indeed lit. The only time this could be a useful feature is if needing to get paperwork or maybe a map at night. I haven't used a map in years now due to navigation and smart phones. Proof of insurance? On my smart phone. In...
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    Extended Engine Idling w/ Turbo

    I had a Mits Starion lol. Yes I let it idle a bit before turning off engine.
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    2017 CX5 - Coolant Leak?

    Did you check near the water pump area for dried green drips? Gotta use a flashlight and really look down there.
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    2021 Signature Lights

    So when did CX-5 finally get lit glove boxes. I recall a lot of complaints on earlier models for not having light in there lol.
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    2021 Signature Lights

    Hey guys for all you "lights" fans out there. Check out this Vid covering the 2021 Signature lights both interior and exterior. Kind of tough to review during a test drive during daylight. This video serves that purpose. Awesome design and layout by Mazda.
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    2021 Signature Windows freezing up

    Found my bottle at Cabelas in the Boating section. If it protects leather and vinyl on boat interiors exposed to salt water and sun it's good for my garaged interior. I also use it on my genuine leather couches/sofas.
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    Brake Fluid Level

    You can top off with whatever DOT fluid comes stock. Be sure to reach the Max fill line and not to the top of the maser cylinder. It would only cause leaks. Don't get it on paint. That said, the dealer should've made a curtesy top off.
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    Ended up going with the Acura RDX...

    I like the RDX as a current leader of its class. I think the next CX-5 (CX-50) with inline 6 engine and RWD layout would be very interesting to watch.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    My wife's car was rear ended. The other "insurance" paid for it. The body shop did an excellent job and even installed replacement PPF for the rear bumper.
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    Is the Soul Red color still an issue on 2020’s?

    Still got the original 3M film for nearly 9 years. I also have the newer 3M Pro. Big difference between the two. PPF in general is really forgiving in that you can use a bug sponge and it won't harm it assuming you're not putting some muscle in your scrubbing. The real difference between PPF...
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Returned my Jack Stands to HF only to find they were completely out. The recall replacements were also part of the recall.......I went with 6-ton Pro-Lift T-6906D with built-in safety pins and never looked back. The welds are solid and construction is actually really good.
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    30K service cost in Bay area

    Brake Fluid exchange. I recommend doing it every 30k miles myself. Its not so much the brake fluid but the air trapped in the system which will cause your brakes to not work as good. Since I have the tools and experience I can literally do a flush and air out the bubbles for $50. Too bad you're...
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    2013 CX-5 GT Dead and won't jump

    I actually placed # stickers in the engine bay because I can never remember the correct order. Step #4 is the most important. You have to connect to a ground with no painted surfaces otherwise the battery WILL not jump start.