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    2016.5 CX5 GT AWD...Transmission fluid change?

    What exactly is the required transmission service fluid change? In everyone's opinion? I have 53k on this CX-5.
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    Leather with clip hanging on front seat

    Just got a 16 GT AWD and the drivers seat has that leather with plastic strip hanging in front. how in the world do you attach it back. it's like the two pieces of metal are in the way.
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    2013~2016 16 CX5 Nav says no update even thou shows 2014 Q2 version

    I setup the MZ toolbox. when i update says no available updates but the version shows 2014 Q2. i know from new highways around that they aren't up to date. why show 14 Q2 but no update to download?
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    2013~2016 2016 Vibration while driving. All CX5 like this?

    Hello, I just purchased a 2016.5 GT AWD... After driving 4 different CX5 on test drives i noticed all seem to have a shimmy or vibration at higher rates of speed especially under acceleration. anything past 65 or 70mph it's very noticeable when on the gas....once you let off the gas the shimmy...