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  1. Trip CX9

    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Nice job on the rear cargo lighting. I really like that. What bulbs did you use for the turn signals?
  2. Trip CX9

    CX-9 OEM Roof Cross Rails Installed

    Just a quick follow up… My intentions were to also mount a roof basket and share pictures of that but it didn’t work out. It was a “Haul Master” basket, not too big (46x36x4), big enough for our soft carrier and a small container or two. The issue was that the mounting brackets didn‘t line up...
  3. Trip CX9

    CX-9 OEM Roof Cross Rails Installed

    I posted this in another thread and wanted to separate out into the Accessories Forum too... Installed the OEM cross rails this past weekend. I purchase them through Mazda Swag online. They’ve been great to deal with. Even with shipping they were cheaper than picking up locally. My...
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  7. Trip CX9

    2016~2021 Difficulty with OEM CX-9 roof rack cross bars

    I installed the cross bars and it was tedious because of the position of the Torx screws but the screws engaged positively and did not feel as if they were cross threading. If you have a swivel socket for the bit, it will be much easier to try backing them out rather than using an Allen...
  8. Trip CX9

    Poll: How was your Mazda dealership service experience?

    Dealership service/sales varies wildly from place to place. I’ve had good and horrible experience at Honda, Audi, VW...Fortunately the 3 or 4 Mazda dealerships I’ve been to have all been at least decent to the current one being stellar. We had one small issue at the Lexus service department...
  9. Trip CX9

    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Installed the OEM cross rails this past weekend. Installation wasn’t difficult but tightening the Torx screws was tedious because they’re tucked down low. Of course I didn’t fully read the instructions and if I did, I would have seen they recommended using a swivel socket with a Torx bit...
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  12. Trip CX9

    2016~2021 Is there a way to disable the remote liftgate feature?

    I was curious about this myself but from what I can tell, there is no way to turn it off through software. The hands-free, kick activation can be disabled in the system menu but not fully defeating any remote operation. Best bet is to probably locate the fuse and pull it. But, the door will...
  13. Trip CX9

    2016~2021 Headlight adjustment - Is a recalibration necessary after adjustment?

    If it’s similar to the adaptive LEDs in my 2016 and 2018 6s, it can be done. BUT ... I can’t remember the sequence. I think I had to turn the ignition fully on (so instrument cluster lights are on), engine off, and then adjust. If they are adjusted while the car is off, the auto level will...
  14. Trip CX9

    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Where did you get them?
  15. Trip CX9

    2016~2021 Difficulty with OEM CX-9 roof rack cross bars

    FWIW .... I ordered the roof cross rails and will be installing them next week when they arrive. I’ll let you know if there’s anything quirky about how they are installed.
  16. Trip CX9

    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Bought a roof basket! When the cross rails come in, I’ll take pics of everything as I put it all together. Details to follow ....
  17. Trip CX9

    No Entertainment or HUD SOS!

    This happened to me. Apparently the infotainment can be completely turned off. Not sure why mine turned off but to do it, press and hold either the command wheel or the volume/mute button for 15 seconds - it was a while ago, can’t remember which button.
  18. Trip CX9

    Leather Care

    ^^^^ What sm1ke said about using water. At least once every week/2weeks, I take a clean cloth with water, ring thoroughly, and wipe down the steering wheel, seating services, armrests, dash, and even hit the turn signal & wiper stalks, door handles & pulls, and shifter. The last thing I do...
  19. Trip CX9

    My 2017 CX-9 doesn't like the cold

    2 thoughts on the passenger door.... The striker on the B biller/door jam might need to be adjusted inwards. Not sure why it might be affected only by the cold but adjusting it might help it to close more securely. My other thought is the plunger switch might need to be replaced. I‘m not...
  20. Trip CX9

    Where is the rear lift gate motor?

    I’m curious where the rear liftgate motor is. I’ve looked around the opening. I’ve even looked at parts diagrams. I can’t seem to find it. Usually, there’s an obvious hump in the rear roof or a little arm that gives it away. Is the motor somehow concealed in one of the tubes for what I’m...