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  1. GTA-CX9

    Oil change - Date is up, but miles aren't

    Just an FYI for the Canucks, it's a 6 mos interval for CX9.
  2. GTA-CX9

    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    The Clek is a big one. It's one time being vertically challenged helped...I can fit that 40 lb beast behind my seat in a CX9 and a CRV. It has a neat Canada/Magna connection too:
  3. GTA-CX9

    2019 VS 2021 Interior Color Changes

    I prefer the tan armrest. Door, I could go either. I think both look great. But you are the one who needs to live with it.
  4. GTA-CX9

    My CX-9 Could not handle snow

    OP we all assume you have AWD because FWD would be a simple explanation, though still surprising. The locations you mention are in California. Again, the obvious question is in 35 yrs have you seen a lot of snow driving? 35 yrs experience means nothing if the total times snow driving is 2. Not...
  5. GTA-CX9

    Covid procedures for maintenance and vehicle well being

    Oh for the love of............another thing I messed up, despite having done that very well in the past. But i got used to keeping it low in the summer so it was fresh gas, then I continued to keep it low til now. Lovely. (was my idea to keep putting little amounts of fresh gas in the summer a...
  6. GTA-CX9

    Detailed look at the interior of the 2021 Mazda CX-9 Signature

    I prefer this to my auburn. Very high end look.
  7. GTA-CX9

    Covid procedures for maintenance and vehicle well being

    Ok, battery booster it is. Thanks all for the tip. I'll still try to do some runs, to be honest it's good to just get out of the house for anything these days. A Sunday drive is safe, at least. But I'll also start it up occasionally, put some gas in tonight as I was just keeping a small...
  8. GTA-CX9

    What's your winter rim/tire setup?

    Same tires, same rims but in 18 in. No real reason for 18, I asked dealer to build it into price and he went down 2 inches. I'd probably not like how it looks if side by side the 19 inches, but as is I've been happy. Kind of a beefy tread look to the tire, which I like. Handles snow in...
  9. GTA-CX9

    New CX-9 from dealer, front bumper plastic cowl repainted?

    Mine has it. Very hard to see, stood there a bit trying all angles. I can feel it with my nail, barely. I could look and touch that part 1000 times and miss that. But it's there. 2019 Sig in Grey.
  10. GTA-CX9

    Covid procedures for maintenance and vehicle well being

    2017 CRV, original battery. Guy connected the doohicky and said it's fine. He actually said run it for half hour even if in garage. Driving not needed. I was doing 15 min runs, at most.
  11. GTA-CX9

    Covid procedures for maintenance and vehicle well being

    Odd title I know, but a bit ticked so didn't bother to overthink it. First, more of a reminder...if anyone made the mistake of thinking the time schedule for oil changes was a year in Canada, it's 6 months. Very annoyed as I looked into this in detail a while back, but I obviously misread the...
  12. GTA-CX9

    CX-9 vs Competitors

    I'm one of the rare ppl who loves driving, but prefer automatic to manual (I liked manuals before i was a commuter), but also prefer shifting with the shift lever rather than paddles. I'll say this, I have limited experience in high end cars, but I ended up in a bare bones Audi A4 couple yrs...
  13. GTA-CX9

    2017~2021 Considering a change from Subaru

    Even if it didn't, it dances better. And even if it didn't, it's more purty.
  14. GTA-CX9

    CX-9 vs Competitors

    Some also forget the potential cash discounts. Let's say you're in love with a car but it has a 4% rate and it's making you doubt the purchase. But you know outside financing can provide you a loan at 3%. Since you can now pay cash for the car with this loan, you actually save more than 1%. I...
  15. GTA-CX9

    2017~2021 Do I need to replace the 4 tyres?

    Sorry to confuse, I was just giving thoughts for OP in my post. Wife is from Quebec, so even if I didn't believe in winter tires, I'd still have them. But I do believe. Have X-ice on CRV (that car is sitting now so I'm not going to swap this yr) and wanted X-ice for CX9 but at time couldn't...
  16. GTA-CX9

    2017~2021 Do I need to replace the 4 tyres?

    I'd do 4. As an option, I wonder if 2 new on back makes some sense.. maybe less confusing to the awd. Would trigger AWD sooner? I'm speculating with this. But. Perhaps most importantly, in emerg situation, back with more grip prevents spinning the tail out. If the front 2 have more grip, you...
  17. GTA-CX9

    Ended up going with the Acura RDX...

    Loved my silver CX7. Feel bad for Nissan/Infiniti's product managers. Do they read these forums? Are their SUVs ever mentioned positively? Mentioned? Do they even talk about them on their own forums? Congrats on RDX. I too found the CX5 a tad small, and RDX was in play right until the end...
  18. GTA-CX9

    CX-9 vs Competitors

    We didn't mention handling and driving dynamics as it's a given. It's as close to an objective truth as there is for the class, the CX9 is the sportiest driving 7 seater without luxury nameplates. And can outdo some of those. You can cross good handling off your list, consider it fulfilled. If...
  19. GTA-CX9

    CX-9 vs Competitors

    Ain't this the truth. Also handles better than the (for the for some reason) legendary full time symmetrical AWD that strangely still leaves those cars driving like they're on marshmallows. I did forget this. My dealer installed remote starter allows no heat systems on that I can tell. That is...
  20. GTA-CX9

    CX-9 vs Competitors

    As you mentioned, in inches where I am, it's about 50. But plowed very consistently, being in the built up suburbs. That becomes a factor. Someone who gets 50 inches a yr but rarely/poorly plowed, it becomes an amount that can be significant factor. Toronto is a bit like the hole in the donut...