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    FS: SSAFC v2 and Innovate Wideband and LC2 controller

    As stated for sale i have the SSAFC v2 with a SOLD Innovate Wideband Sensor and LC2 Controller SOLD Sensor is brand spanking new. have the box with some instructions and sorts.
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    For Sale : window visor, samco hot pipe

    For Sale.. WeatherTech Window Visors.....****SOLD**** 48 states o Silicon Hot Pipe (blue) .... $sold
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    MSP Owner now also a Mazdaspeed6 Owner too!

    Just picked up at 06 light silver mazdaspeed6..... MODS listing soon... a few quick parts.. BNR stage3 turbo setup, DP, COBBtuner and COBB sri, SURE dogbone, and more.... pics to follow...
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    WTB Stock MSP radiator!!!

    looking into other types.. but would rather prefer the MSP short radiator.. thanks!!!(monkey2)
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    Those interested in Hubers!!

    check out this link.... MWMC is headed to Hubers farm May 20th!
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    WTB: stock turbo or decent set up.... my stocker is done at 142k lol

    as title says.... Looking for new-ish or low miiles stock turbo or a decent combo set at a Not so brand new price... thank you
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    After months on the engine, got it put together and now my new issue is my brakes... The car will stop but after i smash the brakes and let it hit the floor slowly then the car comes to a stop. I bled the lines and still fine. any ideas?
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    WTB: gt28rs

    Yup as title states, im in the hunt and have the $$ ready. so someone lead me to the right direction.
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    09/26/2010 Cruise by the Lake

    For you southern indiana folks and anyone else interested, midwest mazda club is having a little meet/cruise from louisville, ky to a lake called taylorsville lake.. here is a link to more info also little...
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    strut mount vent!

    just wanting to post a thread to vent about my strut mount lol. i changed my stock tokico blues for some tokico illuminas and i have skunk2 coilover sleeves with 2 8" 225lbs springs in the front and 2 10" 250lbs springs in the rear. and now i just broke through my 3rd rear drivers side strut...
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    FS Kenwood AMP; PowerBass Component Set

    PowerBass S-6C S-Series 6-1/2" 2-way Component System # Power Handling: * Peak: 420 watts per set / 210 watts each side $45 shipped. lower 48. Kenwood KAC-529S Power Amplifier 2-Channel Power Amplifier Maximum Output Power: 250 Watts $40 shipped lower 48.
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    WTB stock exhaust mani

    looking to buy a stock msp exhaust mani so that i dont have too much down time with my car. if it has cracks its fine i have someone who can weld it... mine looks like this...
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    FS: Boost Gauge, A/F Gauge and stock SMIC

    Stock MSP SMIC - SOld _____________________________________________ Glowshift Boost gauge -SOld Glowshift A/F Gauge - $20+shipping has 7 colors to rotate through
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    AEM TruBoost Controller help

    Ive installed the AEM TruBoost set in my car, i have A50 and B60. ive adjusted both up and down and my max boost is only getting up to 8.25psi by pressing the highest boost, im trying to got up to 10psi, when i turned the buttons to off mode.... i gunned it and it spiked up to 14.8-15.1psi.... i...
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    OT-2: OBD-II/CAN WiFi Interface

    Any1 use the OT-2: OBD-II/CAN WiFi Interface and the LogWorks Mobile 1.0 yet?
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    FS: Stock MSP Racing Beat springs, OEM Mazda Car Alarm

    Racing beat springs from MSP, about 120k miles still has good spring rate, included would be the dust cover for the strut and a few extra pieces... SOLD Stock car alarm with keyless entry remote: SOLD back of module
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    FS: Stock MSP Hot Pipe, Mazdaspeed Emblem

    FS: Stock plastic MSP Hot Pipe, has a small slit on the radiator side but a clamp should cover it..... aluminum condom included! ---- $30 shipped to lower 48 states [/IMG] [/IMG] FS: MAZDASPEED emblem, discoloration due to this priced at $15 shipped to lower 48 states!!! [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    just making a thread to post pics where there isnt a specific spot to post... Post em here (yippy)
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    WTB: steering column gauge pod, (msp) ecu extention harness, aftermarket smic

    Just as title states, I'm looking for a steering column gauge pod hoping for 60mm or I can make a 55 bigger, extention harness would be great, and of course upgrading my stock smic with an aftermarket one.
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    Lowering time

    I am wanting to drop the msp a little bit, I'm not a real aggressive driver... (autox),..Yet. And coilovers are a bit out of my price range for awhile, so I'm asking if the eibach pro kit springs be ok set up with the stock set up or will I need more equipment.?