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    Brake Fluid Change Interval 2018 CX-5 FWD

    Just came back from the dealership today after an oil change and tire rotation. During the time I was there, the salesman tried to upsell me on the 30K service with premium oil conditioner, fuel additive cleaner, crankcase cleaning service, battery cleaning service, brake fluid exchange service...
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    Gen 1 vs Gen 2 2.5 Engine

    Power: 184 hp @ 5700 rpm Torque: 185 lb-ft @ 3250 rpm Power: 187 hp @ 6000 rpm Torque: 185 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm There are the power figures for both engines. Assuming both engines are in the same identical car, how is the updated engine improved over the previous one? In the first generation CX5...
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    Annoying dash board rattling

    The car is a 2018 Sport with 5500 or so miles on it. The driver side of the dash rattles when driving over rough pavement and braking. The issue doesn't occur constantly but a majority of the time since maybe 1000 miles or so in. I made an appointment to get this figured out. Do you guys have...
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    Mazdas CX5 auto hold noise

    Hey everyone, I purchased a 2018 CX5 last month and I noticed that with autohold enabled, when I step on the gas pedal and the car makes a groaning/screeching noise. That can't be normal can it? Thank you for any help.