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  1. yrwei52

    2014 CX5 Tune-Up items to replace?

    Have you actually double checked the condition of new OEM sealant on ATF pan? Any sign of ATF leakages? Do you plan to get OCV from partsouq in United Arab Emirates for much better price?
  2. yrwei52

    Off Topic Winter storm talk

    Yes I did see it! Sad to say, I share some blame too as I voted for him and many Republicans in recent years. The power deregulation in 1999 simply let some big donors have opportunities making big money for short term, they’ve never considered spending more money for reliable power...
  3. yrwei52

    Off Topic Winter storm talk

    :cool::p:D Voted for him once, but not again ⋯ Our Governor Greg Abbott said ERCOT CEO assured him the power plants are prepared for the winter storm coming. He’s glad 5 ERCOT board members, including the chairwoman and vice chairman, submitted their resignation Tuesday in the wake of the...
  4. yrwei52

    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    I bet you’re using Mazda moly oil, aren’t you? (y)
  5. yrwei52

    2017~2021 Check Engine Light with error code P2610

    Now you know replacing battery is a cheap way to resolve many weird electrical issues. ;) A friend of mine in Connecticut whose OEM battery in his 2003 Lexus LX 470 lasted 13 years and 100,000 miles at the time he sold the LX!
  6. yrwei52

    Off Topic Winter storm talk

    Yes, I’m fully aware of that. After 3 hail storms in 5 years in last 10-year period, car insurance premium has jumped from ~$1,200 to ~$2,300 yearly for 3 vehicles mostly liability only on old cars with 2 major hail damages on our CX-5; homeowner insurance premium has gone up from ~$1,200 to...
  7. yrwei52

    2018 CX-5 GT Ticking

    2.5L with cylinder deactivation started from 2018 CX-5 and Mazda6; but from 2019 Mazda3 only on higher trims. The 2020 TSB is specifically to air bubbles formed in the switchable hydraulic lash adjusters (HLA) which are found only in 2.5L with CD, so any 2.5L’s without CD on 2019-2020 Mazda3...
  8. yrwei52

    Off Topic Winter storm talk

    Yes, I totally agree with the point by your local newspaper. In fact many Texas state legislators said exactly the same thing and are trying to do something about it. This winter storm has projected to be the largest insured loss in Texas history. And many believe the failed power...
  9. yrwei52

    2018 CX-5 GT Ticking

    No, even thought the newer TSB includes 2019-2020 US spec. Mazda3, but it mentions air bubbles in switchable hydraulic lash adjusters (HLA) which are found only on cylinder #1 and #4 for cylinder deactivation. So yes, both Service Alert and TSB for engine tapping noise are for 2.5L with...
  10. yrwei52

    2018 CX-5 GT Ticking

    The video from jdoub1331 here should be representative: CX-5 engine rattle
  11. yrwei52

    2018 CX-5 GT Ticking

    Show the Service Alert to the dealer, and contact Mazda North American Operations or Mazda Canada complaining.
  12. yrwei52

    New 2021 CX-5 Signature, 6,600 miles left before first service?

    The oil life monitor is doing the mileage countdown even if the CX-5 is sitting. During this pandemic, lots of people work at home and drive less. Which means they will get the Flexible oil change notification even though the car has driven very minimum miles far less than 7,500, but the time...
  13. yrwei52

    2018 CX-5 GT Ticking

    No, Canadians were also received cylinder deactivation on 2.5L since 2018 MY. 2018 CX-5 Sales Brochure Mazda Canada
  14. yrwei52

    2018 CX-5 GT Ticking

    Based on Mazda’s Service Alert and TSB, this tapping noise problem is only from 2.5L with cylinder deactivation on 2018 and newer CX-5’s. And the switchable hydraulic lash adjusters (HLA) on cylinder #1 and #4 are designed only for cylinder deactivation / activation.
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  16. yrwei52

    2020 CX-5 Emblem peg location same as 2017~2019?

    They should be the same.
  17. yrwei52

    2017~2021 Heated steering wheel, liftgate issues

    You can do a load test to your factory battery at any auto parts stores such as Auto Zone. If you need a new battery, you can get a Costco Interstate Group 35 battery for $79. But you have to replace the battery by yourself.
  18. yrwei52

    Off Topic Winter storm talk

    Texas has its own independent power grid runs by ERCOT. ERCOT didn’t prepare it properly for the super cold weather coming even though the forecast had been there many days ago. Many power plants including coal、natural gas、nuclear、solar、wind all were frozen up and offline. The severe...
  19. yrwei52

    Ambient Temp Sensor Tweaks 2017+

    Sorry, somehow I got confused with another thread with similar topic.
  20. yrwei52

    2018 CX-5 Low Speed Transmission Hesitation/Jerk/Lurch

    So another problem related to cylinder deactivation?