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    CX5 just keeps getting faster with age....

    0-60 in 5.8. Nice! I've sure enjoyed mine this last 54K miles!
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    Just one more reason buying my 2019 was a win...

    Normally I don't buy first-year vehicles, but I made an exception this time since neither the vehicle, nor powertrain were first year, except as a unit, in the case of my 2019 CX5 GT-R. Boy am I glad I did! Now not only do the 2020+ models have fake engine noise through the speakers, but the...
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    Folding Mirrors

    I just cannot endorse Mazda implementation. My passenger side is failing again. The repair cost is $750. Sure am glad I got that warranty. Not 12k past my 3/36 I'm already 25% through it, value wise, and I'm sure the driver's mirror will follow soon. It did last time. Seems 20-25k miles is their...
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    91 vs. 93 octane and GT-R/Sg trim CX5's

    I have noted no difference between the two in acceleration. I filmed 0-80 and 0-60 runs, and then watched/edited videos paying attention to the time. These videos were not shot on the same stretch of road, but in both cases I did my best to make sure the pavement was level more or less, and if I...
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    My dealership made an "oops"

    I scheduled an oil change for this afternoon, and made my appointment right on time. My CX5 was taken back in a timely fashion and about 45 minutes later, I was told by the manager that they had drained out all of my oil only to discover that...surprise! They have no oil filters in stock for my...
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    302hp RAV4

    2021 RAV4 will offer a 302hp version capable of 5.8 to 60, per Toyota. Plug in Hybrid. Tiguan R is alleged to be around 300hp for 2021. What's up ZoomZoom? You got somethin for us?
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    Winter is here...and my cx5 turbo is now a 2.0!

    Similar performance to the 2.0. Woot. Yay for cold.
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    Bad Fuel

    I was going to title it something else, but I remember being 12. I also remember being a day younger, yesterday. I've matured! Anyway, for the last 2 tanks, I've averaged barely 26mpg with my CX5 Turbo. I got fuel again tonight, and BOOM! I am back up to averaging 29-30mpg again. Same station...
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    Folding Mirror Issue

    I'm having issues now with the passenger folding mirror. The motor seems like it's worn out. Loud, weak sounding. Doesn't fold out all the way sometimes. The driver's side did this a couple thousand miles ago. Looks like I will be $1500 into warranty work on this vehicle next oil change...
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    20,000 miles in a CX5 GT-R...

    To start off, the title is a bit of hyperbole. I have 19,4XX miles on my GT-R, currently. I'd like to begin the description of my time in the car with a short emotional take on it: It's been fun, reliable, surprisingly refined, and a pleasure to drive! Now the nitty gritty... ...I bought...
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    Finally bought new tires

    Im at almost 17K miles, and my Toyo A36s had 5/32 and 6/32 (F and R), respectively, last time they were rotated (every 5K miles). They feel unsafe in the rain at present. I finally sacked up and took advantage of the $70 rebate Continental has, and bought some LX25's. I had REALLY good...
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    Mirror folding failure

    My mirror fails to fully fold sometimes. Driver side. It seems like it will likely be a relearn procedure (I'll check manual), or a dealer repair. I only have @17k miles and it's a 2019. Please tell me again how my $2400 150k mile, 10 year warranty (bumper to bumper) wont be paying off...
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    Max mpg?

    I'm going to give it a go. I've previously just had fun in this thing and do have a bit of a lead foot at times, but I'm going to try to drive like a calm and well-zenned humanbeing, and see what turns up. Here's the first 26 miles of that journey, which will be its own destination, as it...
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    CX5 Bose sound system settings?

    Specifically, GTR and Sg, or whatever else has the same setup. What are your settings? Picture would be best. I am not an audiophile, and my hearing has significant notches in the 6-6500Hz range, but I still appreciate that my Bose in my GT-R is not up to my expectations or the Harmon Kardon in...
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    Well...that was lame.

    I know, I bitched and moaned about Android Auto not being offered until now, but really, it was just because it was a feature Mazdas didnt have. Now that its here, I didnt care. Finally installed it after 6800 miles. Wow. Are you serious? Total waste of my time. Instead of pushing the talk...
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    If the CX5-D wasn't already a flop...
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    RAV4 Hybrid Hits US Soil for Purchase

    Monty, I have PM'ed you my mailing address. Thanks...
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    AWD compared

    Pretty disappointing, really. Mazda was definitely the worst. XDrive seems like its rockin' it! Even the 2018 RAV 4 tore the CX5 up like a wet dinner roll.
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    Sad songs from the B-side

    Or, B Pillar, more accurately. Piano black was a bad choice, floating roofline style or not. I corrected my factiry sworled B and C pillars by haveing PPF applied. My installer polishes every surface he wraps. My swirled pillars now look like the soulless glossy black eyes of a feral pig, and I...
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    Toyo A36

    That's what's on my CX5, and so far, they seem really good? I thought the Toyo A26's really sucked, are the A36's truly g2g? You can get them for $135/tire roughly in 225/55/19!