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  1. rsvinylgraphics

    Clear coat damage

    just wondering what you used or what you did that dulled/scratched the clearcoat...
  2. rsvinylgraphics

    Need help with a decal. Anyone good with photoshop?

    send me a private message with your email address and I can send you the vector file
  3. rsvinylgraphics

    Need help with a decal. Anyone good with photoshop?

    something like this maybe?
  4. rsvinylgraphics

    Need help with a decal. Anyone good with photoshop?

    did you get it figured out?
  5. rsvinylgraphics

    Wrench light flashing...Help!

    Did you look in the owner's manual? A flashing wrench light normally means maintenance is required, such as an oil change.
  6. rsvinylgraphics

    2010 CX7 Hesitates When Accelerating

    Possibly a dirty or faulty fuel injector on cylinder 3. Try some fuel injector cleaner first before replacing the fuel injector. You can try swapping the fuel injector on cylinder 3 to a different cylinder, first clear the CEL with a code reader and if the code is now on the cylinder you...
  7. rsvinylgraphics

    Ok so I painted the wheel cladding

    I think you are missing the point of painting them the same as the body color
  8. rsvinylgraphics

    Exploding Sun Roof on 2020 CX-5 Grand Touring

    Actually it is a very common occurrence on not just Mazda vehicles but many other manufacturers vehicles. Do a google search and you will see what I am talking about.
  9. rsvinylgraphics

    New wheel & tire day!

    Sorry, not feeling it, tires are too beefy for my taste but if you like it that is all that matters
  10. rsvinylgraphics

    Oil Leak underneath passenger side

    Is the oil pan rusted?
  11. rsvinylgraphics

    2005 Mazda 6 2.3l battery light/alternator issue

    Two things, low brake fluid will trigger the "brake" warning light not the battery light. Changing only the pads does not require opening the system, therefore no need to do a brake system flush.
  12. rsvinylgraphics

    02 P5 2.0L engine missing even after plugs and coils replaced

    Do a compression test on cylinder 3.
  13. rsvinylgraphics

    Mazda5 wants to start out in 4th

    The tow will probably cost you $150-$250 unless you have towing coverage on your insurance policy.
  14. rsvinylgraphics

    Mazda5 wants to start out in 4th

    They will say bring it in
  15. rsvinylgraphics

    P0171 error code

    First thing to check would be the MAFS sensor, remove and clean it, there are several videos on youtube you can watch.
  16. rsvinylgraphics

    2004~2008 Front brake pad replacement question, Mazda3 hatchback

    You don't need a special tool for the fronts, only the rears
  17. rsvinylgraphics

    engine only maxing @2000rpm

    is the check engine/service engine soon light illuminated?