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    SOLD Borbet LV5 wheels 17x7 for $325

    SOLD - MODS PLEASE DELETE Selling 5 Borbet LV5 wheels, which I used on a 2010 Mazdaspeed3 for winter tires. Four of these wheels are in very good, used condition with 18,656 miles on them. Despite the low miles, the tires are 11 years and should be discarded, so the price reflects that. The...
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    CX FS: SOLD 2016 CX-9 OEM 18" wheels - $290 firm

    These wheels are in great condition. No curb rash and minimal other issues (e.g., rock chips, scratches). I waxed these at least once a year. I'm not aware of any bends, but I have not taken them into a shop. The tires are the OEM Yoko Geolandars and are down to 4/32-5/32", so they need to be...
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    New wheel & tire day!

    Just installed a set of Flow One F3 19x8.5 wheels and Vredestein Quatrac Pro 255/55R19 tires. I'm really happy with how they look. And, incredibly, each corner is about 9# lighter than the OEM 18" set up, which especially remarkable because the OEM tires are down to around 4/32 - 5/32". I can't...
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    Motive power brake bleeder adapter for 2016 CX-9

    Does anyone the correct Motive power bleeder adapter for a 2016 CX-9? I measure the inner diameter of the master cylinder cap at about 1.8" (1 51/64") with three prongs, but I don't see that on Motive's website. Thanks!
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    How to install Mirror Wire on 2016 CX9 Touring w/ Premium package

    I'm not sure if this really qualifies as a "how to" because it's so simple once you know the deal, so if it's better in a different forum, mods should feel free to move it. In any case, I've seen a few references to folks using a Mirror Wire from Radar Mount to hardwire their radar detector or...
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    CX-9 long term tests

    Both Edmunds and Car & Driver have started long term tests of the CX-9. Should be interesting and enlightening to read their comments.
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    ScanGauge II steering column mount

    I don't think I've seen this before, so thought I'd share... I got a ScanGauge II for Xmas. Everyone knows what those do, so I won't get into the specs. Anyway, I was trying to figure out where to put it. There were a few spots on the dash, but none of them looked quite right. The...
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    Pic of my MS3 w/ winter tire & wheel set-up

    Here's a mundane shot of my MS3 in the garage after I installed the winter tire & wheel package. They're Conti ExtremeWinterContacts in 205/50R17 on Borbet LV5 in 17x7. I've had them on for a couple of weeks and they performed beautifully in the snow we had in Maryland last weekend.
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    Tire & wheel insurance

    When I bought my MS3, I also got a tire & wheel insurance policy from the dealer through Road America. I figured w/ the low profile tires, there was a good chance that I'd be bending a rim. I haven't done that (yet), but I have gotten two screws stuck in the tires in just 1100 miles! The...
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    ClearMask AeroGard

    I installed the first part of a ClearMask AeroGard clear bra kit on my '10 MS3 today. I put an Xpel kit on my '02 VW Passat a few years ago. I loved it b/c it really protected the paint from rock chips. The ClearMask kit offers more edge protection than the Xpel kit did. That's good and...
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    Winter tire pressure

    My owner's manual says that "snow tires" should be inflated 4.3 psi higher than what's stated on the tire pressure label. Why would that be? As I understand it, when the air temp decreases 10 degrees, the tire pressure decreases about 1 psi. So does the manual assume that we'll be measuring...
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    Oh, THAT torque steer

    This morning, I was on a wet, two-lane road stuck behind two slow cars. Eventually, one moved forward, so I positioned myself to slide through the gap. When the spacing allowed, I punched the gas as I switched lanes. [Insert torque steer here.] Yeow, that was a surprise. I've read about it...