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    New 2011 Mazda 2 Turbo on the Street

    Hey Everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted on here, but over the last year (almost exactly 1 year) I've been working on and off turboing my M2. I want to preface this in saying that I don't have any formal automotive training (never even took an automotive class in High school) but...
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    Corksport Lowering Spring Set - $170 - Negotiable

    Corksport Lowering Spring Set - $160 - Negotiable Corksport Lowering Springs For sale. Less than 50 Miles are on them and they are in very good condition. Haven't been tracked or Auto Crossed. I'm asking $160 for them, which I think is very reasonable since the springs are basically new. The...
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    Corksport Coilovers

    I just installed some CS coilovers and I do love them. I was curious why the front seems to be riding so much higher than the rear. I bought second hand CS dampers that were in good condition and brand new CS springs. I'm hoping its just a case of letting the new springs settle. I just want the...
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    CS Springs on Stock Shocks?

    If anyone is Running on CS Springs and Stock Shocks i would love to hear about the Handling characteristics, How much lower your car is, ease of installation, etc. Just any information you have about it would be fantastic.
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    List of Mazda 2 aftermarket sites

    I have accumulated many websites that offer aftermarket support, tuning, parts, etc. over time. Hopefully this will ease the endless searching. There are more that I didn't list though. Please feel free to add to it through a reply. I'll update the list periodically. Mazda Parts (OEM bits)...
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    How daily drivable is an ACT Street clutch?

    Does anyone have experience with a performance street clutch on their 2? My clutch died and the guy at the garage recommended that I just get an oem replacement. From his experience (he has a stage 4 clutch) he said he wouldn't get a performance clutch especially since I daily my car. But I'm...
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    Clutch Pedal is rough and clunky

    When I fully press the clutch pedal there is a definite small notch like clunk about 7/8ths of the way down but just recently the pedal has become very notchy and clunky all the way down. When I say clunky I mean it in a very subtle way. Like rough metal on rough metal. Does any one else have...