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    Mobil1 0w-20 Annual Protection clearance at Walmart

    Hey all, Mobil1 0W-20 Annual Protection being clearanced at some Walmart’s for $25 5 quarts. Getting rid of last years old stock. Great price if you want to do extended OCIs. Stack with their rebate and it’ll be $15:
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    Meguiars and 3M product review

    I had a couple of bad clear coat scratches on my car. Somebody else put them there of course. So! I figured it was time to try my hand at getting them out. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and liked the idea of polishing with 3000 then 5000 grit 3M stuff first, and then buffing the haze away...
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    P2096 2018 CX-5, rocker arm recall

    Good morning all, Mother in law drove up to visit today and got a CEL when exiting the highway. No drivability issues, just a CEL. I brought it to Advanced Auto and got the code checked. One permanent code: P2096. Post Catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1. Bank 1 doesn*t actually mean...
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    Anybody tried out Diode Dynamics LED headlights? They are pricey, but Im considering swapping my OEM 2013 low beams with LED lights. The no name Chinese ones seem to be extremely hit or miss. A buddy of mine suggested Diode Dynamics. Has anybody tried these out or have a reliable LED headlight they could...
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    Water pump stretch belt: zip-ties FTW

    Didnt see this trick shared elsewhere for the CX5 so I figured it warranted its own thread. Ive seen a lot of worry and frustration over replacing the water pump stretch belt. I ordered the Gates belt installation tool thinking it might help but it just doesnt. The tool is too wide to fit on...
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    Bosch Filtech Premium oil filters $3.55 Amazon

    Bosch 3300 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter Flash sales like this usually dont last long on amazon. Best of luck!
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    Mobil1 oil $10 rebate, with filter $17 rebate

    Mobil1 oil $12 rebate, with filter $17 rebate It's back! :D $12 mail in rebate for 5 quarts of oil, $17 if you purchase an oil filter as well. Super easy to submit and slickdeals members rarely have issues getting their rebate. 100% success for me personally. Pennzoil on the other hand sucks...
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    Pennzoil $10 mail in rebate or up to $20 gas rewards

    Only a few days left but thought I would share. Walmart is selling Pennzoils Full Synthetic 0w-20 for $22.68 for 5 quarts. Purchase by 12/31/18 and submit a rebate for up to $10 check back or up to $20 in gas rewards ($1 off per gallon up to 20 gallons). Follow link below...
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    Vibration at idle, gone with spark plug change

    Hey all, Wanted to share my spark plug change experience. 2013 CX-5 Sport has 58k miles, 6 years old now. Only owner. Noticed after switching between my CX-5 and my Odyssey that my CX5 vibrates a bit when idling. Nothing concerning, Id describe it as an annoyingly perceptible vibration that my...
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    Mobil1 rebates Figured Id share this before it expires. I take advantage of these rebates all of the time as I service 3 vehicles for my family with 0w-20 oil. Currently have enough stocked up for 5 more oil changes, lol...
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    Brake Fluid Bleeder Bottle review

    Evening all, Did my first ever brake fluid drain and fill (like, ever in my life). Thank you to whoever posted the detailed pictures and description of the process. It was a breeze requiring only a 10mm wrench, fluid collector and a bottle of brake fluid. I found this guy on Amazon: Allstar...