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    Shut off TCS for a day!

    Read my post. I reset the computer AVG MPG calculation once after driving the first 80 miles with Sport mode on the way back to San Jose. Since the rest 275 miles was without Sport mode, hence the computer MPG calculation after the reset got higher. The manual calculation is for the entire...
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    2013~2016 Broken Driver (Rear) Strut/Shock Absorber

    Did you get OEM shock with top mount? I don’t believe there’s any aftermarket shocks which comes with top mount? All things considered with rust and sized bottom bolt (nut?) and bushing, yes take the job to a mechanic is a better deal. But the good thing is now you have an air gun and air...
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    Shut off TCS for a day!

    Actually the difference between computer calculation and gas station manual calculation is very minimum from my CX-5 and Yaris iA. The overall manual calculation on both trips, 41.3 from SJ to LA with TCS on, 43.3 from LA to SJ with TCS off, is still significant to me as the first 80 miles...
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    2013~2016 Broken Driver (Rear) Strut/Shock Absorber

    I believe you’re correct. ruthrj also removed springs and used an impact wrench replacing his rear shocks. And the impact socket he used seems to have no space issues. CX-5 Strut/Shock replacement In addition, from your past write-ups I can see your 2016.5 CX-5 seems to have...
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    New Car Oil Level

    Car manufactures simply can’t catch the latest oil specifications most of time. Here’s the benefits of using different oils with different specs: So SP / GF-6 oil offers the best protection to our engine, and most name-brand oils have met such certification.
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    P225/65R17 for Northern California weather and Short commutes

    Wait, I believe you actually got Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra 225/65R17 102H, not Continental LX-25? So you not only got $150 off matching Costco’s price at America’s Tire, but also is getting $120 manufacture pre-paid Visa card? That’s too good to be true! I’d imagine if you buy Bridgestone...
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    Rear Diff and Transfer Case Fluid Change: Tools, Parts and Links

    i won’t use GL-5 if Mazda switched the gear oil from GL-5 to SG1 on the same hardware. On the other hand, I’d switch from GL-5 to SG1 like you did if I had a 2015 CX-5 or prior. There’s a reason why Mazda made a switch.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    I believe he meant “out-of-balance” or “out-of-round” stock Toyo A36 tires. There’re reports that some stock Toyo A36’s caused highway vibration, and they couldn’t be road-force balanced. The road-force balance machine showed over 30 on some Toyo tires, and 20 is the acceptable value.
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    Normal CX-5 engine noise? Just noticed yesterday

    There’re a couples of SAs and TSBs which address the valve tapping noise problem on the 2.5L with cylinder deactivation. The switchable HLAs exclusively for CD could need replacement with revised ones if the valve noise continues after the engine has warmed up. Inconsistency and inaccuracy on...
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    Normal CX-5 engine noise? Just noticed yesterday

    Your oil change experience sounded like you have an 2.0L with 4.4 quarts of oil capacity in your 2017 Mazda6 Sport. But I checked the 2017 Mazda6 Sport has a 2.5L, and the part number on oil pan, although it has several revisions, is also the same on the latest part number as the 2.5L on CX-5...
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    Normal CX-5 engine noise? Just noticed yesterday

    Every car manufacture says the oil level is fine between Add and Full marks like Mazda. But I haven’t seen anyone put out the oil capacity for oil change but it won’t be at the Full mark. So tell me which DIYer or even the Mazda dealer puts in specified 4.8 quarts for oil change for the 2.5L...
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    Normal CX-5 engine noise? Just noticed yesterday

    Honestly you’re the first here to say 5 quarts on oil change put the oil level above the Max mark on the 2.5L.
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    2016 CX-5 Sport oil change interval?

    This’s another “to be different” Mazfa way selling a different “MV” line of Mazda maintenance parts which makes no sense to me. Yes, you’ve got a Mazda “Value” Mexican made oil filter. The “normal” OEM oil filter do have a box, pre-lubed and sealed on the opening of the filter like sm1ke...
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    Normal CX-5 engine noise? Just noticed yesterday

    So why this’s a "well-discussed" issue? Because each time a new comer who want to DIY and get confused by these capacity specs from Mazda. Everybody else when they put an oil capacity for oil change, you use the said amount, and the oil level is right at the Full mark of the dipstick. But...