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    AN7's Mazda2 1.5 Turbo - Build Log -

    2nd photo isn't loading. Can you post a bit more info on the actual removal process? Also are you getting a CEL due to removing the TGV, or did you just remove the butterflies and left the mechanisms in place to prevent that?
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    Mazda 2 1.3 Color edition steering wheel controls.

    Not sure what's readily available on the other side of the pond, but I put in a Pioneer headunit with bluetooth, used the Metra dash kit, and I think I used the PAC steering wheel interface. Total cost was about $250 USD and a few hours of labor, but the sound quality improved indescribably -...
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    Mazda 2 1.3 Color edition steering wheel controls.

    Because you're using the aux port. You're doing nothing more than plugging your phone into a speaker with wheels. If you want audio controls to work you're going to need to install the stock bluetooth accessory(stupid) or get an aftermarket stereo with bluetooth and an adapter for the steering...
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    AN7's Mazda2 1.5 Turbo - Build Log -

    That video makes me equally happy and sad.
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    Used Car Mazda 2 Test Drive ... White Smoke = Blown Head Gasket?

    These cars have idiot lights. Blue means cold, red means hot. Even the Auto can easily hit 90+mph so yes, the one you drove had SERIOUS problems. No, these cars are super reliable with nothing more than oil changes. I have 44k on mine and only had a shift cable replaced (due to problems with a...
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    Mazda 2 Keys

    Unfortunately, you can't just make a copy for a few euro. It's going to cost you big time to make a second key, and even more to get a remote key. In order to program the immobilizer you need two registered keys, no matter what type. If you only have one key you need to have a new key cut and...
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    Lowering Springs on Stock Strut

    I have Manzo springs on stock struts and I think they were worth it for the money. I would not spend any more than what the Manzos cost because the stock struts are garbage, and the moment you put stiffer/lower springs you will immediately hate them and start saving for proper coils. The ride...
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    Mazda Pedalbox

    That is a direct contradiction. It's already been proven this thing is nothing more than a scam to lighten your wallet.
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    JDM Mazda 2/Demio Headlight Upgrade

    This thread will be an all-in-one guide for anyone looking to replace their halogen reflector headlights with OEM projector lights from various markets. This will have all the relevant part numbers and links for everything needed for as close to OEM as possible(more on this later). Let's face...
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    There is no "mazda2" profile, it's generic CAN for all Mazda ECUs in this generation. Re-read the instructions and follow them EXACTLY as OVT or DT sent them.
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    Mazda2 alternator whine through aux input

    You're introducing a ground loop between the amplifier in the phone and the amplifier in the radio. Either use a high-quality lighter plug for USB charging or digital connection(bluetooth, USB) for audio connection. I get the same issue on my aftermarket radio if I plug a phone into the USB port...
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    plug gap

    You don't gap iridium plugs. Too easy to break the precious metal.
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    Rusty Rear Brake Drums

    I used grill paint and it lasted 2 years one of which was during winter in the salt belt. They still look good but there are a couple spots coming through. I'm going to hit it with a wire brush and another couple coats next weekend.
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    What did you do to your Mazda2 today?

    Today I: - Changed the motor oil. Mobil 1 0w-20 and an extended (M1-110) oil filter. - Changed the transmission oil to Motorcraft XT-M5-QS fluid - Changed the taillights to Spec-D smoked LED - New BF Goodrich Sport Comp-2 in 195/50-15 on the Konig Heliums with Road Force balance - Aligned to -2...
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    Mazda 2 custom exhaust design

    I can almost guarantee it's the straight through muffler. Nearly every car I've ever been in with that type of muffler has drone. +1 on the Magnaflow chambered.