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    replacing serpentine belt

    Check the VIN number on your Mazda If the eight digit is a 5 then you need stretch belt if a 6 it is just a regular belt.
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    Ideas on Cosmetic Mods for a Mazda 3 2008?

    Get some headlight eyelids, install strobe lights underneath the grill to light up at night when at a car show, get the cork sport engine bay fluorescent light It turns on when you open hood and off when hood is close.
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    what is this tube for !!!!! HELP ASAP!!!!

    What make, model , year is vehicle ? Engine size
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    Intake manifold melted ???

    The weapon r air intake manifolds are awesome. Get a thermal spacer between engine block and manifold because unlike the factory plastic one this one is prong to getting heat soak.
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    Mazda 3 Transmission

    A 2007 Ford Focus 2.0 would work It has the same number of splines on drive axles
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    Protege High Mileage Club

    High mileage 2002 Mazda Proteg LX with 174,548 miles
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    How To Use Seafoam To Clean Your Engine

    The brake booster hose has an internal check valve. Having Seafoam go thru It with damage the check valve internal diaphragm. It is better to disconnect the brake booster hose from the intake manifold and attach another hose.