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    Show me your wheels

    That looks great Thanks, I wasn't sure if the +45 would end up rubbing with a 10". Glad to hear yours doesn't rub. I was looking at +40 but it would end up sticking out too far. The +45 looks perfect.
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    Show me your wheels

    Nice I was wondering if I could run 10 inch wide all around and you were able to. What is the offset of the wheels and do you have any shots showing how much they stick out from the fenders?
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    Lowered CX-5 Appreciation: Show me your drop!

    I tried Nengun to order the kit since I cant find the oem kit in the US and they want $1400 just in shipping. So then I figured I would just get the rear portion which is the 2 little side pieces and they wanted $670 just to ship those. Sucks I'm going to have to pay just as much shipping as the...
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    Lowered CX-5 Appreciation: Show me your drop!

    That looks great. Where did you get the bodykit?
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    CX-5 Accessory Must haves?

    Update I just got mine delivered today thru Amazon Prime. Took 2 days to get the product. The item is junk I barely could get it to fit properly I had to basically shoe horn it to go in and it wouldn't charge my phone. The volt meter on it is pretty cool but the entire thing definitely doesn't...
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    CX-5 Accessory Must haves?

    That looks sweet. I was unaware of this product. Just ordered one.
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    2017~2021 Eibach springs model question

    I'm using the E10-55-021-02-22 on my 2019 Signature. You should uninstall the ones you have on your Touring and put them on the Signature you're getting.
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    Corksport has CX5 2017+ lowering springs now

    These look pretty nice. I'm currently running Eibach but thinking of switching over since these appear to be another 1 inch lower than the Eibach I have.
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    Chrome delete 2019 CX5 Sig offroad style

    That looks killer. How did you do that chrome delete? Is it hard to do?
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    '18 CX-5 creaking noise from front end

    I had the creaking sound coming from the front end of my 2019 CX5 signature after 4k miles and thought it was my suspension. The tech looked it over and said the suspension looked fine so he tightened the chassis bolts and the cowl bolts. He said the cowl bolts were all loose that he could turn...
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    Show me your wheels

    That looks great. What body moldings are you using for the rear, sides and front spoiler?
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    Lowered CX-5 Appreciation: Show me your drop!

    That looks great. What is the part # of the BC Coilovers? I have just Eibach springs now and after looking at yours I want to go the coilover way and get mine lower.
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    Show me your wheels

    That looks real nice. What are the specs of the wheels/tires?
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    2017~2021 H&R or Eibach lowering springs?

    Signature is AWD They did it for $340 including alignment. It was the dealership I purchased the cx5 from so they gave me a decent deal on the install.