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    Bad Fuel

    Then it's the gas. If it stays there, probably a shift to winter blend. You could ask the station.
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    2017~2021 CX-5 Sport mode questions

    I use it for engine braking on long downhills. Sh*ts down a gear when engaged and another if you tap the brake.
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    Carbon Build up with Direct injection Engine in the CX5

    Well that demonstrates how gas can pass the rings into the oil. Direct injection into the cylinder. Unless the injection stream hits the intake valve, I don't see how it would prevent carbon buildup. I think Mazda runs the intake valve at a high enough temperature to burn off deposits...
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    Oil question

    Dealer changes at every 5000 miles, now at 15,000 miles. After factory fill it was Idametsu (sp?). The oil did smell of gas for the first few thousand miles but that went away.
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    Oil question

    For reference on oil consumption (2016.5 CX5 15,000 miles), I'm getting about 5000 miles per quart. Maybe a little more. Luck of the draw as all of my new cars used some oil. Even my Acura TL (4,500 per quart). Disclaimer - I'm also the guy that gets jury duty notice every 2 years.
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    tires manufacturing date...

    Normally, no. But I'm a very low mileage driver on some vehicles so I've seen some sidewall cracking in the past. Meaning the tire was suspect and replaced them for time not mileage. But that was well beyond 10 years. The Toyo's are good for about 30k I hear. It's Japanese made. And...
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    Amazon Synthetic oil

    From the API website under Warren Distribution: amazonbasics Full Synthetic dexos1 0W-20 SN Resource Conserving, SN Plus GF-5I So it meets API specs per above.
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    Amazon Synthetic oil

    Could be the MAG1 full synthetic from Warren Distribution.
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    E15 Gas in the USA

    Agreed - but is started out as energy independence move that has turned into a farming subsidy supported by both parties. The science is pretty mixed, meaning it's not beneficial except to the farmers. It's the swamp.
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    New to me 2016 CX-5 Sport AWD

    Well, this could be good news for all the hail victims.
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    E15 Gas in the USA

    Bad idea gets worse.
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    New to me 2016 CX-5 Sport AWD

    Can you replace the roof? Isn't it structural? Welded in-place? Dunno-just asking.
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    Two dumb questions

    As for fuel filters, they disappeared years ago (gas engines at least). About the time auto makers shifted to plastic fuel tanks and electronic fuel pumps. Which seems strange to me as fuel injection is all it's forms would seem to be susceptible to particle contamination. But I guess it's...
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    CMU Unit Replaced to fix constant rebooting

    The dealer said that a software update is the usual fix for infotainment issues. In my case it wasn't the software. But if you're still under warranty, and want to check that out, see if the dealer has a software update for your unit and have them install it.