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    Royal Purple, Zepro or Castrol Edge?

    I noticed just lately that Idemitsu has dropped the Zepro line. As for Kirkland oil, it’s decent and blended by Warren Distribution who also blends Supertech. Most likely the same oil. I have also read that Mazda dealers are going to Idemitsu exclusively for their synthetic oil changes. It used...
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    2017 CX-5 GT wipers suck

    The Focus blades I got had the adapters included. Both ran just over $40. The store was having a special. Anyway its done.
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    2017 CX-5 GT wipers suck

    My wipers on the 17 just started to squeak and chatter the past week or so. I went to OReillys and got the Bosch Focus blades. Only a couple of days on them so far but they work as advertised.
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    Tax On US Purchased CX-5s?

    Ive been in countries where the MSRP is the price and that is that. No dealing at all. In WA State I paid close to 10% sales tax on the cx5. It is an ouch moment.
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    Question for 2019 CX-5 owners about wipers

    I initially had this issue on the 17. I used Scheibenklar. This is a strong glass cleaner. I used it full strength to not only clean the windshield but also the wiper blades. They had some kind of black residue that came off during the...
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    Rip 2019 cx-5 gtr

    I have to say, comparing your rear end damage to the Mercedes front end, the Mazda construction did very well. Good to hear there were no injuries and hopefully nothing pops up later. Thats a big hit from behind.
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    Engine Breaking, New Car

    You should be getting engine braking automatically as the transmission senses you are using the brakes going downhill. Mine does that after a set period of time in the same situation.
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    2019 CX-5 2.5T Oil Change - Is crush washer still used on the drain plug?

    This is correct. Its a flat aluminum friction washer. As for the drain plug Im not aware of any change.
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    Wife got T-Boned - Wrote off CX-5

    I came before seat belts. I was also in a wagon that got hit. I was way in the back but ended up in the front seat. Different times for sure. I hope your wife recovers fully. The CX5 did its job.
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    Upper Molding removal?

    I would let the dealer take care of it. They have agreed to fix it on their dime. They will know the assembly better than a body shop.
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    Oil Consumption or incorrect capacity listed?

    I do my own oil changes and I find that it takes almost 5.5 quarts to reach the full mark on the dipstick.
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    Anyone have trouble deciding between the CX-5 and CX-9?

    Some things to consider. How big is your family? Young kids or older? What kind of activities do you do? Young kids get bigger and so does the stuff they bring. Long vacations on the road might give the advantage to the CX9. The cargo space is larger on the 9. No doubt on that. The specs...
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    Straight 6 skyactiv-x engine in development

    According to what Ive heard, this engine will be the 2.5 with two more cylinders added , modular style. So it comes out as a 3.0 liter. It will be intriguing. The SA 4 bangers are already smooth running. A six should be sweet
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    Is Mazda's upcoming CX-30 on your shopping list?

    If my CX5 was totaled, God forbid, and these were on the lot I would consider it.
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    Piano Black on the interior. You guys are right about scratching easily.

    Piano Black is something I wish would get phased out quickly. I am seeing other makes with piano black cladding on the rear. Talk about scratch city. If I were the designer I would go to a matte plastic with aluminized buttons. For cleaning I use a microfiber with interior detailer spritzed...