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    2018 CX-9 GT Extended Warranty

    The so-called extended warranties are not a warranty at all. As Mazda named theirs, it is a service agreement. It is a contract for prepaid repair service. In the U.S. federal warranty law offers the consumer more protection than contract law. In any case, get the full contract and read all...
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    2021.5 CX-9 Vibration at Highway Speeds

    You may have had one defective CV joint. Replacing both saved the time and trouble of guessing which one was bad, although perhaps the bad one ran warmer than the other? Anyway, give your dealership's general manager thanks for the service manager who kept digging until they found your problem.
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    Review of K&N for Mazda 2.5T motor

    And...the resistance in any filter element only comes into play at wide open throttle and high rpms. At less than wide open throttle the throttle is doing its job of limiting air flow, so resistance in the filter and other parts of the induction system are moot. The resistance in the system...
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    New Owner of 2012 CX-9 57k miles

    Does anyone know how rapidly the water pump fails? From the time it begins leaking until the time the engine grinds to an expensive halt? Can careful observation of the coolant level (observe at a consistent temperature) and observation of the oil condition looking for milkyness caused by...
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    Wrench light on

    Perhaps the last time the oil was changed the service interval was not properly reset. You can scroll through the options to see if the choice for interval is what you want. If you have questions, ask here, give us the option currently selected and the last date & mileage you had the oil changed.
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    Brakes / Bumper to Bumper Warranty

    The warranty is honored at every Mazda dealership in the country. For the noise, can you record it? Maybe a cell phone video that shows the pedal position and captures the noise. 100% for sure, the mechanic will take the car for a test drive and write, "Could not duplicate" on the repair...
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    2021.5 CX-9 Vibration at Highway Speeds

    It's good that they found and fixed the problem. Driveshafts need to be in balance. Also, there is the small possibility of a manufacturing defect in the driveshaft or the universal joints at its ends.
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    Mazda CX-9 No sound from Tweeters (bose speakers)

    If you have a meter...Disconnect one or both wires to the tweeter. Set the meter to read resistance, the ohms setting, omega symbol Ω, try something like a 200 Ω setting, and briefly touch one probe to each of the speaker connections to test the continuity of the coil in the speaker. Any...
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    Mazda CX-9 No sound from Tweeters (bose speakers)

    The sub is in the center of your spare tire. It isn’t one of Bose’s best efforts…buzzy & boomy. Disconnect it, disconnect the 3.5”, play something with obvious high frequencies, and hear what’s there. An easy fix for the sub is to cover the surfaces with an adhesive damping material. Any...
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    2008 CX-9 - CV axle removal - Need help without SST

    And, when you do one, plan on doing the other. It is probably living on borrowed time.
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    Bolts stick out of rear suspension

    I think those are guides for the rubber spring seat.
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    Need help choosing PTU and Rear diff fluid for 2008 CX-9

    GL-5 does not relate to limited slip additives. LSD additives do not relate to gear box operation, only to the clutches in a limited slip differential. I found this clear description from an oil maker: "The main difference between GL-4 and GL-5 gear oils is the amount of EP additives...
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    2009 CX-9 Lift gate not unlatching

    Can the hinges be adjusted? Could it have slipped lower over the years...or the hinges wore...and it now sits lower? When it expands in the heat it may be sticking for that reason. Just a thought--you might check the alignment of the liftgate.