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    2.0L Help! p300 code, rough running, CEL flashing...Clear code, back to normal?

    You should get one of these regardless. If yours isn't cracked, it will be soon Thread 'Check Your Intake Tube !!!' Check Your Intake Tube !!!
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    AC light flicker -- FIXED

    I'm envisioning something like this with 4 relays installed. My relays are a mess...
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    AC light flicker -- FIXED

    Yeah, but mickey mouse designed the OEM fan switch too. Lol
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    AC light flicker -- FIXED

    It can only help. I'm not affiliated either, but maybe if we show enough interest, we can talk Harnessed Performance into making a proper fan switch too ?
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    Guide Protege Timing Belt Change (How-To)

    Thanks for posting. It's a How-To thread... The information doesn't get old. Only the car does.
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Yeah, Michigan is pretty salty. You may have the only P5 still in Michigan, certainly the only rust free one.
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    Jet performance chip?

    When I first joined this forum, if you posted anything about those chips, your post would be deleted. I think if you did it a second time, you were banned.
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    Mazda Protege loosing oil?

    I totally agree. I live in the Great North Eastern Salt belt. Lol When I went to look at my car in 2009, when deciding to purchase it, I looked underneath it and it was rusty as hell. I figured that was normal for our area and it what I was used to seeing. I previously had a 1983 Mazda...
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    I don't know if you live in a "salty" area, but if you see any rust buckets on your travels, (P5's or otherwise), I think you should take your car in for a good rust proofing, even if only one time. Go to a place that drills holes in the car to get their spray wands into the hidden areas...
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    Mazda Protege loosing oil?

    All a want is another P5 that isn't rusty. That would be cool. I don't want to have to learn everything about a new car. Lol