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    Mazdaspeed OEM Wastegate actuator = $$$$$$$$

    Atp makes a great wastegate imo. I have ran one for 7 years and it does great on the msp. Oem is way to expensive
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    Not moving underload

    Yep I had this issue I bet its a bad diff. Try to go for an mfactory diff if you can afford it.
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    Need help looking for new or used exhaust mani

    + 1 on pope its a great product. Or steedspeed if you can find used.
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    New Haltechs

    Im sure either or would work. I run a Haltech platinum 1000 on mine but I was thinking of upgrading possibly to an elite for the future.
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    Pope Engineering MSP Manifolds on sale this month!

    Glws!!! Really nice quality parts!
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    The $500 MSP Revival Build Thread

    Nice work! Love the look of the painted transmission and wheels! I recommend getting an upgraded exhaust manifold if you get a chance. Makes a huge difference either steed speed or pope.
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    best ECU for MSP pushing 500 hp?

    I run a Haltech platinum 1000. Pushing for 400 to the wheels this time around. Grx2867 turbo, id 1000 injectors etc. Still on stock transmission though but I would say your best bet would be to do a mfactory diff. That will be my plan for the future. Also all 4 motor mounts are upgraded. Par...
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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    Fresh motor getting dropped in soon
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    MSP Production Numbers (continued)

    Anyone ever have luck with getting canadian production numbers?
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    rear brakes seizing up

    +1 for getting a set of speed 6 or mazda 6 calipers. They are a nice upgrade too
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    motor build?

    Bump!!! Had some problems with the new motor had to tear it back down. Had bearing failure. Also was running into issues with spark blowout. New rebuild #3 will be getting dropped in, in the next few weeks here. Going to be running hal effect sensors this time around with a 626 alternator. New...
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    Shout out to Pope Performance

    hell yeah awesome the pope legacy is living on!!!!
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    motor build?

    Car is back up and running holding strong at 20psi. Considering getting a water/meth kit installed at some point. Just have to get a new wideband and brake kit installed
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    2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege #340 Blazing Yellow Mica For Parts

    price on the hood? and more pictures?
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    MSP Performance Parts - Steedspeed, PEP, Fidanza, Brakes, etc.

    hey man im interested in the key fob