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    Dumb question maybe but will a MSP valve cover fit a non MSP 2.0?

    Yes, its same engine. FS-DE 2.0L
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    Intake/Exhaust manifold

    ok, didn't know that. Only options are used or crappy ebay I guess.
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    Revised water return elbow

    For that price, I would rather make something with aluminium/copper and silicone couplers. Will last longer and probably be cheaper.
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    Intake/Exhaust manifold

    pope exhaust mani is one of the few ones left in production still.
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    LinuxRacr's 2013 - 2014 New Build Thread

    Photobucket gave plenty of warning they were going to be doing what they did, going to a paid service.
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    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    Yep, forgot it.
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    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    Ive used these guys a few times for car and other orings. They are reasonable on prices and shipping and ship super fast. I always order a few sizes in case my measurements are off one way or the other, the orings are so cheap, it is worth it in my opinion.
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    Fresh Sweet Donuts Everywhere! (work log)

    Orings are cheap. Measure old one with calipers and buy the oring. Several online stores that specialize in orings and have a ton of info on how to measure your orings for replacement
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    Power Steering fluid maintenance?

    The protege uses automatic transmission fluid (mercon III or better) for the power steering. I buy the valvoline max life stuff that can be bought basically anywhere automotive fluids are sold - I get it at walmart as it is the cheapest place I have found it. 1 quart lasts forever since such a...
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    P0304 cyl 4 misfire..

    As far as the 1.8 coils, some people claim it delivers a smoother power band. But I think it is bull honkie, I see it as a mod just for the sake of changing something.
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    Msp #361 found!

    Nice deal, looks to be a pretty decent condition. How many miles?
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    P5 in 2018 M&M's Superbowl Ad

    I doubt it, with the value of our these cars nowadays, the majority are no longer owned by car enthusiasts, but rather daily commuters.
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    Power Steering fluid maintenance?

    Yes, I use a turkey baster and do what you do. I do it at every oil change (over kill) to keep the fluid fresh. Use the fluid specifications recommended in the owners manual.
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    MP5 Loss of Power at Higher RPM

    Our fuel filters are integrated with the pump and are supposed to be 'lifetime' filters. Have you checked operating fuel pressures? Or are you just guessing that it is fuel? I would check your spark plugs. You are on the right track though, check that you have enough air, fuel, and spark before...
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    P0304 cyl 4 misfire..

    I have a new standard motor products t-series coil I can sell you. It is their higher quality line than their normal parts. They make high quality aftermarket parts. Even it you don't go with mine, I would recommend sticking with a well known manufacturer. Don't get an off brand to try to save...