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    Post The BEST Pictures OF YOUR MAZDA

    19 touring and 21 GTR
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    What’s your MPG with aftermarket wheels?

    255/45/20. But this makes sense. Damn sucks. I’d like to get 22 /23 with this new awd and turbo but I guess 20 is what it’s going to be. I did a hwy mpg test recently and yah best I could get was 25 mpg after 15 miles. With the stock 19s got almost 30 same hwy and 15 miles. oh well I guess the...
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    Blown away Falken WildPeak A/T Trail 225/55/R19

    @bmninada What year and model. Also any pics of it? Was reading this expecting some pictures to look at haha
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    What’s your MPG with aftermarket wheels?

    I had a 19 touring fwd with my 20 inch Asanti inch wheels. Stocks were 17x7.5 (225/65/17) weighing 59lbs vs the 20x8.5 weighing 49lbs (255/45/20). For the 2 years of ownership and 28k miles I could never get better than 21/22 average mpg and I drove like a grandpa the first year trying to get...
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    Show me your wheels

    What a difference tint and wheels makes...
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    Show me your wheels

    19 Touring Day before I traded her in for a 21 GTR. Size:20x8.5 Offset:38mm 255/45/20 she’s getting ceramic tinted and shoes put on as we speak
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