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    Gen1 CX-9 cancel 2 step window down refresher

    When you soft press the auto down switch, the window stops at about an inch, soft press again and it continues down. Hard press and it pauses around an inch and then continues down, as you hold it down. The first step is the first inch, the second step is the remainder. When you perform the...
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    Gen1 CX-9 cancel 2 step window down refresher

    A refresher for canceling the two step window down operation, or "smokers preference". By default, on low battery or dead battery, the vehicle will revert back to the smokers preference. Below is how to cancel the 2 step down. Not readily available online. This will work on early cx-9 and cx-7...
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    yeah it's a garage queen gets 2 or 3k miles put on it a year.
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    2007~2015 CX-9 Key won't communicate with car...Aggravation!

    I have the whole procedure, can send it to you if you'd like. Shoot me a pm. btw, all my originals still work fine. While the button paint wears off, the source of the failure that i've found is just the battery contact. Take a paper clip and unbend it, stick in inside the fob where the battery...
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    I took out my drop-in k&n washable filter this weekend and washed her out nice and clean, used the K&N cleaning kit. She's all red again. After about 10 years, the rubber has not deteriorated and the filter shows no signs of wear. K&N really makes a good product. Only have to clean it out every...
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    Replacement options for blown 3.7L CX-9 engine?

    So the 2007 was brought in from Ford with the same 3.5 block as Ford variants (Ford Edge) and then 2008-2015 is a bored out 3.7L block. So the long block is the same 2008-2015. The differences in the later (more recent) models are going to be miscellaneous fittings, retainers, clips, perhaps a...
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    TCS lights stay on for no reason?

    Glad you figured it out. I didn't realize it can be adjusted at the pedal. I forgot to adjust the cable last time I did rear brakes and it needs to be tightened. Thanks!
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    Vertical Adjust for headlights

    No fix yet. I still have just one working on my 08. Not taken the time to thoroughly troubleshoot. Noisy is normal, ever since the car was new the leveling motors were loud. I still think it is probly just lubrication loss. Maybe will have some time soon to poke around. I keep holding out hope...
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    How reliable has your CX-9 been?

    You don't have "bsm off" flashing at you when it is warm outside?
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    How reliable has your CX-9 been?

    I have gen 1 and back in the day someone would post about their lemon. It happens. My 2008 fwd GT with 104k is still going strong. They don't make them like they used to.
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    2008 CX-9 exhaust leak...Replace?

    I dunno man, plenum temps can exceed 140 in residential units, and tape is suitable well beyond that. but you are probly right. maybe exhaust tape.
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    2008 CX-9 exhaust leak...Replace?

    hvac tape lol, I love it!!!
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    Bought a 2021 Carbon Edition

    Those seats are sick.
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    2008 CX-9 exhaust leak...Replace?

    bummer. 104 on my 08. Listed it for sale a year or two ago and had zero bites because it is front wheel drive. One person actually called me to sarcastically ask me how it handles in the snow and began mocking me. People actually would buy a fatal older used 4wd just to have the badge on the...