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    Off Topic Rav4 Prime XSE

    Enjoy. It's always fun when you pick something up that you've been looking forward to. The Prime was on the list of my potentials but they are hard to come by.
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    2022 CX-5?

    I am happy they tweaked the exhaust tips. I suspect it will look really good. Also, looks like the grey plastic trim is shiny black if not painted the vehicle colour. I don't know about those new rims.
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    2021 CX-5 hesitation/back and forth feeling

    I do. Seems like a hard down shift.
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    New CX-5, high pitched whine at 80 km/h (50 mph)

    Hmm that's an interesting idea!
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    2020 CX-5 turbo making "quiet chirping noises" at low speed?

    hmm I don't know if I've ever heard this before.
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    Storage / Organizer Hacks - What have you created or found?

    I picked this up last year. It seems costco doesn't offer it anymore. It matches the 3d MaxPider mats I have on the floors. I have it to one side in the back area and it doesn't take up too much room.
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    New CX-5, high pitched whine at 80 km/h (50 mph)

    It's comforting to see others have this issue. I also don't have roof rails. I have a '20 Signature CX5 and can confirm it does this high-pitched whine noise around 80 km/hr. I noticed it within days of taking delivery about a year ago. I also had a rental CX5 awd GS for a period of time in the...
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    Mazda3 2.5T N00b with a Mazda3 Turbo Sedan M3TS

    Those look great.
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    Mazda3 2.5T N00b with a Mazda3 Turbo Sedan M3TS

    I am excited to see those rims mounted and on the car!
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    What type of mpg are you getting, turbo owners?

    I keep my speed down (100-110 km/hr) on the highway and I am gentle with the throttle on my commute and I am getting around 8.0L/100 kilometres which I am very pleased with. I was getting around 7.4L/100kms) in my '18 Mazda 6 Signature. I could drive the 6 faster with next to no impact on fuel...
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    Loud Popping Noise Going Over Bumps (Video)

    I just realized I misread your post. I thought the noise happened after your replaced the struts...if the noise was happening before, then my post is moot. I will delete it.
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    Mazda going all electric by 2030

    Here is the official Mazda news release,
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    Almost bought one...likely on Monday

    Congrats. Enjoy the new ride!