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    Mazda Prototype on Public Road

    Looks to me to be sized between CX-5 and CX-9. The fact that they are testing on public roads means they intended the "spy shots" to become public.
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    So long, Honda. Hello, Mazda!

    What was the goodwill from Honda? I hope your new Ridgeline is better than the one you returned under the lemon law. 2 model years newer may bring some improvements. The Ridgeline is a vehicle that has caught my attention for a potential used search on Autotrader (used to look at 1st gens) -...
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    CX-5 Engine Light - Engine Inspection Required

    @Nick123 you may want to ask for advice in the CX-5 UK owners group, lot more 2.2 diesel owners there.
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    Trade-Up? 2021 CX-5 or 2023 CX-5 (or CX-50)?

    @ceric, Mazda also changed the steering and suspension hardware in 2017.
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    Trade-Up? 2021 CX-5 or 2023 CX-5 (or CX-50)?

    This is universal wisdom. Mazda and Toyota/Lexus are not exempt from this phenomenon. The CX-5 has gotten more reliable over time.
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    Seats on the Signature vs the Sport? Same design?

    The touring seats definitely look like a closer match. They have some pretty sweet camo designs too.
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    Disappointment and Frustration

    I am curious why you did not drive any competitors. Sitting in a few competitors really makes the interior design of the Mazda stand out. Many competitors have cheap plastic steering wheels and other cheap feeling materials. I hope your experience with the vehicle improves. It is common for the...
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    Disappointment and Frustration

    Your assessment of driving dynamics seems to be the opposite of professional car reviewers who test all of the competition in the segment. Test of Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV4, and VW Tiguan...
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    Recommendation for choosing used CX-5 year and model

    Because you mentioned those 2 trim levels, I would recommend going to a Mazda dealer and sit in both types of seats - the dimensions are the same, but the design is different. takes anecdotal reports from owners, which is another data point. Mazda sells hundreds of thousands...
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    Battery Tests

    What was the brand of battery in the Subaru? That's pretty early for a failure. Hopefully was covered/prorated under warranty.
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    Mazda in Miniature

    I have the top one. Bought on eBay in 2019 for $28. A little overpriced, but the details are correct. Matchbox makes a cheap one, but it looks cheap as well. The worst one is the Tomica, which looks vaguely like a CX-5...
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    Good Site for CX-5 Accessories?

    eBay has them for around $80. They have 2017 to 2020 SD Cards for around $40. Dealer price is $450.
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    Ended up going with the Acura RDX...

    The reviews really say it all. Note the completely different tone, and the lack of praise for the design of the Acura. I believe the CX-5 is, objectively, a better value. The prices listed above were accurate: $33,160 MSRP gets you a CX-5 with turbo, AWD, 19" wheels, and leather seats, which...