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    Engine Warmup

    ^+1 same here.
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    Live traffic?

    The way I use them, I used google map for two purposes. Traffic and map correction. No voice guidance from google map.
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    2017~2021 Rear hatch opening by itself?

    Sounds like defective fobs (a bad batch) to me. I have a '17 GT CX5. This has never happened to mine. Someone had a good suggestion to remove battery from the bad one, and start to use the other fob for a while to see if this happens.
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    Where did you get best price for Mazda Extended Confidence / Warranty

    Guys, I don't own a Toyota or Lexus. (used to own a '05 Prius) This genteman, Troy (@Greenfield Toyota) used to sell Toyota genuine ext warranty at half of MSRP. Many people knew him. Not sure if he is still in business. That is how I know that you should consider a good price when it is 50%...
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    Adjustable liftgate

    If I remember correctly, that button only locks, not unlocks, the doors. I found that half useful...
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    2020 CX-5 Signature: Are Homelink buttons active with car powered off?

    For newer CX5, refer to this page. There is a link to installation instruction.
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    2020 CX-5 Signature: Are Homelink buttons active with car powered off?

    This can be changed actually. When installing the Gentax mirrors, there are TWO power lines. One for auto-dimming, and the other for Homelink. The instruction calls for connecting to constant 12V for Homelink, and switched 12V for auto-dimming. That is why the Homelink works even with engine...
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    2013~2016 Belt Tensioner - Shouldn't this be a warranty item?

    My dealer told me the same ('16 Mazda6). "Your tensioner is showing some leak". They also wanted more than $250. I said, "No." on the spot. Back home, indeed, I saw some evidence of that. However, I am not sure if the oil originated from the tensioner or from overspill during engine oil filling...
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    2013~2016 Should I change transmission fluid in Skyactiv cars?

    ATF drain and refill on Skyactiv CX5. (should be similar for other Mazda models) My local dealer said they use a special suction device to get more fluid out. Not sure how that is done. Maybe Yrwei52 knows. They raise the charge to more than $250 now. Filter, seal and magnet cleanup. BTW the...
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    Infotainment Resets every couple months! Why?

    Likely the FM module went south. It is independent of your MFD unit.
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    Live traffic?

    When I travel, I use both. Mazda Navi for HUD projection and google map for traffic.
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    I thought bait & switch was gone, apparently Mark Mazda still does it

    There is a youtube channel by a guy who used to work as a salesman. The info he provides is fairly up to date. Dealer holdback, etc. No access to with my VPN at work. I am sure you can easily find it.
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    Is there a performance air filter for stock airbox 2.5 turbo? Not cai

    I use K&N (drop-in) on all my Mazdas. If someone wants proof, this guy did it for you. It increases horsepower/torque marginally (3-5hp) at risk of more particles thru the filters. If you drive on dusty roads often, I would avoid it. I don't. Has worked fine for me for many years. Take care...
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    "Break in" period?

    Most of the break-in procedures I have read do not limit max speed. They actually advise you to vary speeds. Just avoid hard charging and hard stopping whenever possible for first 600 miles. The new 2020 Corvette C8 is very serious about this break-in process. The RPM is limited before it hits...
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    2013~2016 Throttle Body cleaning - Frequency?

    This scam is second to cabin air filter for $89. :-( Before I tried to sell my wife's Prius, I took it to a Toyota dealer for a final good-will fixing. The dealer told me, "The throttle body is dirty and sticky.... we recommend a cleaning." They wanted $150 for it.... No, thanks. I took it home...