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    70.00.335 Firmware

    I haven't had those issues. Previously had a frozen/torn screen with a reboot when we were on a road trip before I updated. Also, I don't use those apps, and use CarPlay.
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    CX-9 Driver Visibility

    I have a pretty long torso. I wish I could lower the seat even more. For my legs to reach the pedals, my knees are bent more than I like. I am used to it now, but I wish I could lower the seat more so I could push it back more and have my legs be straighter.
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    OK. So there are two systems to update. One is the infotainment system itself. It is updated via a USB drive. Current version is 70.00.367A. You follow the instructions that are in the PDF that comes in the download zip. Once you copy the update file from your PC to the USB drive...
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    I installed it last week myself. Seems to boot a little faster. I was coming from 335 so it was not that big of a jump. The toolkit is for the navigation sd card, not the infotainment system firmware. The toolkit sucks. It locks up, fails to do anything but doesn't tell you, etc. My...
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    I did the update to 367. Went smoothly. One thing to note: the screen where it says "Preparing Update" lasts quite a while. I wish I had timed it, but it was maybe 3 or 4 minutes. I used a 32 GB class 10 Micro-sd card in a USB adapter. Formatted to FAT32. Update took about 25 minutes. I...
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    Mazda to switch to Toyota Financial Services for loans, leases

    Folks, regarding the convo last summer around paying extra principle: Make the extra payment from your checking account bill pay. The finance company will usually apply it to your next payment first (technically, they apply it against the interest, then anything leftover gets applied to the...
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    How You Earn a living

    Business analysis for a major financial corporation that you have heard of. Manage folks now, but still sling some SQL and R. Formerly did optical engineering in telecom (numerical simulation).
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    Mazda developing staight-six engines

    The biggest thing that concerns me in this thread is the Alabama plant. For me, the #1 reason I bought my CX-9 was the J at the beginning of the VIN. I have had two Ohio ('99 TL, '07 RDX) and one Alabama ('16 MDX) Acuras. Never again. Same reason I did not consider one of the Hyundai twins...
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    Poll: Fuel Octane Choice (CX-9 2016+)

    I put 93 in mine. I voted for 91. Gotta keep my petrol-head card active :cool:
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    My download of 367 failed, but when I tried again it was way faster and only took a few minutes to download. (It's a little under 1 GB). I am going to do the upgrade this weekend. @Joeshin87 The download location includes a very detailed pdf of instructions that includes photos. Not sure a...
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    70.00.335 Firmware

    Yeah. I am at 493 MB right now and it has been going for maybe three or four hours.
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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Dashcam installation

    @K3vonn Any chance of doing an RJ-11 version for the frameless mirror for radar detectors? If not, I was thinking of just building my own Male-Tap-Female adapter.
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    New Highlander coming this month with "torque vectoring AWD system" ?

    Just came from a SH-AWD MDX and had an OG RDX. Torque vectoring works, but it feels pretty unnatural. I'm kind of done with all of that...extreme handling is just not a priority for me any more, and they both sucked compared to the G37 I had in between. Plus, take this for what its worth...
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    Guide: 2nd Generation CX-9: Bose subwoofer improvement

    Doing this right now, also with the 80 mil Noico. Has anyone tried one of the aftermarket spare tire subs?