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    CX-30 rear low profile headrests

    Looks like Japanese and USA specs both get the same low profile rear headrests for better visibility, that's nice. I have a CX-5 but looking at the new CX-30, really nice car. CX-5 (USA spec) had large rear head rests that really impeded rear visibility...
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    Japanese spec CX-30 wheels

    are the Lambo Urus type wheels an option for the CX-30 in North America ?
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    Changing CX-9 transfer case gear oil (photos)

    for 1st gen (2007 thru 2015) CX-9 AWD CX-9 AWD only, hope this info is useful for some fellow Mazda owners. the Ford PTU in these videos is the same as in the 1st gen CX-9 AWD
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    CX-5 head on pole crash ... a Jersey motorist crashed head-on into a pole Thursday, and cops say the driver passed out behind the wheel while wearing an N95 mask after several hours on the road...
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    RED paint not matching

    wow, I agree, not even close !! that looks horrible!! their's look like a flat orange red like the old CX-5 (2012-2015), not even close the the deep crystal red.
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    old HOW TO SECTION ?

    sorry to be a noob, but been away for a while and just noticed the new format, is there a link to old CX-5 HOW TO SECTION ? I try to do a serach but got error message saying keywords too short.
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    Info screen not coming on. Dealer says entire CMU unit needs to be replaced

    I found this online... his description sounds like your symptoms.... looks like need to reflash the CMU ? Danial McCannsays: May 30, 2018 at 6:23 am did not work. Working initial conditions when turning the...
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    Info screen not coming on. Dealer says entire CMU unit needs to be replaced

    Just some suggestions... 1) Do you have NAV SD card ? eject it and see if the head unit reboots without the SD card 2) Check the fuse for the headunit (I don't know where it is right now, but I'll try to find it for you later), it may be a fuse that is broken already but still touching when...
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    Missing Grill Pieces on my CX5

    I think OP has 2014 non-USA model, see link qLDckY6Y99_bh4OOha7eo9qEgOvfkYGEgq-BhtXH0ofdqNzW3gAAAADJFDCj%24&vid=1421364339&cid=2343&uid=28073&q= click on 50-161 for driver side and...
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