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    2019 Mazda3 headlight assembly replacement?

    It would, but the deductible is about the same as the parts, and here, it would raise the rates.
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    2019 Mazda3 headlight assembly replacement?

    My daughter had a relatively slow speed collision with a deer and it broke the passenger side headlight and the chrome color trim below it. Searching on line for any info or video on replacing the headlight, and I cant find anything beyond 2018. Anything significantly different about the...
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    My dealer's license plate mod

    Why protect the dealer by blurring the name? This is the work of Wayne Mazda in Wayne NJ. I have a lot of negative experience with their service center. This is the type of work they do half assed and ass backwards. Their way of fixing this will likely be to raise the drivers side and punch in...
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    New owner (maybe?) + Recall Notice!?

    I think you have no cause to return your car or to worry about resale value. That's waaaay beyond realistic.
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    New owner (maybe?) + Recall Notice!?

    "what's going on" is this was just announced on 2/1, less than 24 hours ago. Eventually the various recall tracking websites that allow you to enter your VIN and see pending recalls will show this issue too; if it affects your car. For everyone who is asking if anyone has heard from Mazda...
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    Driver's Side Window won't go down.

    Not really sure why you are asking---if its "absolutely ridiculous" as you state, and the car is under warranty, take it in
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    Rear Entertainment options

    ah yes, that was great entertainment back in the day. Rear seats were bigger back then, and I was smaller.
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    Mazda Mobil start VS Viper smart start?

    What part of NJ are you in? I had a really great shop in Parsippany do the work for me. If you aren't to far, I'm happy to share their info with you.
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    Center console wont open with back seats down???

    First of all, someone does sit there from time to time. Second of all, using your logic, I could just rip the cover off the console and solve the problem that way. My point was it doesn't work as it should.
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    Center console wont open with back seats down???

    Did anyone else notice that the center console wont open ( will open only slightly) when the back seats are down? The back of the console door hits the back seat center headrest. This was an unhappy finding today in my 2016 GT. Kind of a PITA.
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    Mazda Mobil start VS Viper smart start?

    The system I installed is the Compustar Pro G7. There are a few security + remote start options from Compustar ( I chose security plus remote start, you could choose remote start only). Check under the Products tab for options. The small unit I carry is an option, at extra cost...
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    2016 Infotainment boot up time

    I agree the start of time for the infotainment system is painfully slow compared to the 2013 CX-5 I traded in. If I'm just going to listen to music its not so bad because I can drive off while its still booting, but if I want to enter a new destination into the nav, it seems like a very long...
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    Purchased a Mazda CX-5 today!

    Congrats--great choice--- that's the titanium flash correct? a little hard to tell in the photo. That's my favorite color and was my choice a few months back as well.
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    New Owner as of....3pm today! What's up with Titanium Flash?

    Bought the 2016 CX-5 GT AWD in Titanium Flash, black interior. Traded in a black 2013 CX5. Absolutely love the color-- had the car since August and still love the color ( and the whole car by the way).
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    2016 Seat Heaters

    Used the seat heaters for the first time yesterday. It was in the 20's here. On the highest level, they were very warm, in fact a little too warm, so I turned it down to medium and that was just about right. I have no problems or complaints with the seat heaters based on one day of use.